Ed’s Sauce Recipe

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If you’re a fan of bold flavors and spicy kicks, then you’ve probably heard of Ed’s sauce. This versatile condiment has been making waves in the culinary world with its unique blend of ingredients and mouthwatering taste. But what exactly is Ed’s sauce, and why is it gaining so much attention? 

Here, I’ll dive into the origins of Ed’s sauce, its key ingredients, and all the delicious ways you can use it to elevate your meals. So get ready to tantalize your taste buds and discover the wonders of Ed’s sauce!

Ed's Sauce Recipe

What is the Origin of Ed’s Sauce?

It’s Ed’s secret burger sauce from the 1995 film Good Burger. In this movie, Ed (Thompson) and Dexter (Mitchell) are seeking work as teen actors. They work at Good Burger’s fast food restaurant.

A restaurant called Mondo Burger is opened next door by Ed’s enemy Kurt (Sinbad). When Kurt starts causing trouble, things get worse. It’s up to Dexter and Ed to save the day. Ed makes a secret burger sauce, and Good Burger succeeds.

Good Burger Sauce Ingredients 

Good burger sauce can take a burger from ordinary to extraordinary. While there are many variations, some common ingredients in a delicious burger sauce include

Mayo – ½ cup

Good burger sauce typically includes mayo as one of its key ingredients. This creamy condiment adds a rich and smooth texture to the sauce, providing a base for other flavors to meld together. Mayo helps balance the tanginess of different ingredients like ketchup or mustard, creating a well-rounded and flavorful sauce that enhances the overall taste of the Burger.

Ketchup – 2 Tablespoons

Ketchup provides a sweet and tangy base that complements the other flavors in the sauce. Its tomato flavor adds depth to the overall taste profile, while its thick consistency helps bind the ingredients together. Additionally, ketchup’s versatility allows easy customization by incorporating various spices and seasonings to tailor the sauce to personal preferences.

Worcestershire Sauce – 2 Tablespoons

This savory and tangy condiment adds depth of flavor to the sauce, making it the perfect complement to a juicy burger. Worcestershire sauce is created from vinegar, molasses, anchovies, tamarind extract, onions, garlic, and other seasonings. Its unique combination of ingredients gives it a rich, umami flavor that enhances the taste of the Burger.

Sweet Pickle Relish – 2 Teaspoon

Sweet pickle relish adds a tangy sweetness and a bit of crunch to the sauce. The combination of chopped pickles and sugar in sweet pickle relish provides a perfect balance of flavors that complements the savory elements of the Burger.

Onion Powder – ¼  Teaspoon

This versatile spice adds a rich, savory flavor to the sauce, enhancing the overall taste of your Burger. Onion powder is made by dehydrating and grinding fresh onions, resulting in a concentrated powder that blends easily into sauces and seasonings. Its subtle sweetness and aromatic profile make it a popular choice for adding depth of flavor to various dishes, including burger sauces.

 Lemon Juice – ½ Cup

Lemon juice, with its tangy and refreshing taste, is a common ingredient used to add a hint of acidity to the sauce. Its zesty flavor can help cut through the richness of the other components, adding a bright and citrusy note to enhance the overall taste profile.

Vinegar – 1 Teaspoon 

Vinegar is a common ingredient in many burger sauces due to its acidity and ability to enhance flavors. It adds a zesty kick to the sauce and helps balance out the richness of other components.

Sugar – 1 Teaspoon

Sugar adds a sweetness that balances out the savory and tangy flavors in the sauce, creating a well-rounded taste profile. Whether it’s granulated sugar, brown sugar, or another sweetener, adding sugar can enhance the overall deliciousness of the sauce. Depending on personal preference, different quantities and types of sugar can be used to achieve the desired level of sweetness in the burger sauce.

Salt – As per test

Salt helps to enhance the overall taste by adding a savory element to the sauce. Salt not only brings out the natural flavors of the other ingredients but also helps balance the sweetness and acidity of the sauce. When used in moderation, salt can elevate the taste of the burger sauce and make it more enjoyable to savor with your favorite Burger.

Pepper – As per Test

Its savory and slightly spicy flavor adds depth and complexity to the sauce, enhancing the overall taste profile. Whether you prefer black pepper for its bold and earthy notes or white pepper with its milder and more delicate flavor, adding this versatile spice to your burger sauce can elevate it to new heights.

Smoked Paprika -1 Tablespoon 

This spice is made by drying and grinding smoked red peppers, resulting in a smoky and slightly sweet taste profile. When added to burger sauce, smoked paprika imparts a rich, earthy flavor that compliments the savory elements of the dish. Its vibrant color also enhances the visual appeal of the sauce.

How To Make Ed’s Sauce?

Step 1: Combine All The Ingredients 

In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients. 

Step 2: Whisk it up 

Mix the items well. Make sure everything is mixed well so that the texture and taste are smooth and even.

Step 3: Rest It 

Take the sauce in an airtight container and chill it for 30 minutes in the refrigerator to blend the flavors. 

How To Store Eds Secret Sauce?


If you store it in a tight-fitting glass jar, it will last for two to three weeks, and the taste will improve with time! If you make your mayo, it will keep in the fridge for as long as the egg does. You can check the date on the egg box to determine when to use your mayo.


It is not recommended to freeze this recipe because it may affect its texture.

How To Use Good Burger Ed’s Sauce?

The sauce can be called Burger, unique, secret, or giant mac sauce. There is no wrong way to use it! Here are a few ways you can utilize this burger sauce.

On Burgers

With lettuce, tomato, and onions on the side, you can get ground beef, turkey, chicken, or even vegetable patties on a bun or leaf wrap.

As a Dipping Sauce For French Fries

It’s the best fries ever!

As a Dressing

It can be used on any salad. My favorite way to eat it is on a burger salad.

On Sandwiches

You can use it instead of plain mayonnaise.

As a Dip

You could add roast potatoes, vegetables, chips, chicken, or nuggets.

Ed's Sauce Recipe

Ed’s Sauce Recipe

Adding that extra zing to your dishes is easy with Ed's sauce recipe. It's delicious, versatile, and incredibly easy to make.
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CourseSide Dish
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes
Rest Time30 minutes
Total Time45 minutes
Servings6 people
AuthorNaomi Rogers


  • 1/2 Cup Lemon juiced
  • 2 Tablespoons Tomato Ketchup
  • Salt As per test
  • Pepper As per test
  • 2 Tsp Sweet Pickle Relish
  • 1/2 Cup Mayonnaise
  • 2 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 Tsp Sugar
  • 1/4 Tsp Onion Powder
  • 1 Tsp Vinegar
  • 1 Tablespoon Smoked Paprika


  • In a small bowl, combine all of the ingredients
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Place the sauce in a closed container and refrigerate for 30 minutes to let the flavors combine
  • And Now enjoy your homemade ed’s sauce


Calories: 123kcal | Polyunsaturated Fat: 13g | Fat: 21g | Protein: 1g | Carbohydrates: 8g

Final Words

After trying Ed’s sauce recipe, you’ll never want to return to store-bought sauces again. This homemade sauce is flavorful and can be used in various dishes. Whether you’re grilling, marinating, or dipping, Ed’s sauce will add that extra kick to elevate your meals. Give it a try and experience the deliciousness for yourself.

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