We are grateful that you show interest in writing a collaboration post for Spicetosauce.com. Welcome to our blog. Feel free to write for us on food and kitchen-related contexts.

Writing is a powerful tool for increasing knowledge about any subject. It will assist you in boosting your experience and expertise in your field.

When you start to write on any topic, you can acquire deep knowledge that enables you to be the boss of your field. Besides, writing enhances critical thinking skills and helps to generate effective ideas.

Moreover, you can reach a vast audience and engagement after writing for us via our social media pages.

So! Why waste time? Start writing now. Please review our page. We clearly explain the guidelines, writing criteria, and the submission process on our page.

Write for Us

What We Look for

We always encourage talented seasoned food bloggers, chefs, and food enthusiasts who love cooking.

  • 100% Original Contents

The content that you will provide should be 100% original and unpublished. If you are thinking of getting your content with the help of Chat GPT, avoid writing for us.

  • Well Researched Contents

The topic of your writing article should be relevant to our page. Additionally, research your topic properly before writing. Only deep research can help you to generate engaging and useful content for us.

  • Keeping Knowledge about Our Competitors

Knowing about your competitors always helps you to improve your state. Never cite our competitors in your articles. Avoid posting irrelevant promotional links on our page. 

  • Primary Knowledge of Microsoft Word Writing

To write a guest post for our page, you must have primary knowledge of MS Word. Knowledge about using headings, subheadings, bullet points, aligning, etc. to get a higher readability score. 

  • Skill in Simple but Engaging Content Presentation

The writing should be in simple language. You can include relevant examples and images for making engaging content. You should avoid using photos that do not add value to the content.

Topics We Cover

At Spicetosauce.com, people will get world-famous rub and sauce recipes to make your food delicious. We are passionate about how to make delicious expensive foods at home in easy processes.

We aim to establish a site to get rub and sauce recipes from all over the world. We also focus on how we can present you easy-making process with effective tips, serving size, and nutrient list of the recipe.

We will only accept the contents of the following categories;

  • Rub & sauce recipes from all over the world.
  • Food recipes like pasta, spaghetti, steak, BBQ, etc.
  • Cooking techniques and tips.
  • Cookbook review.
  • Spice blends and infusions.
  • Healthier alternatives of sauces, and rubs.
  • DIY condiments.
  • Kitchen tools.
  • Kitchen safety.

NOTE: Please check out our page carefully, and read existing posts to get ideas about topics you can write about. Besides, it will help you to learn the layout, language, intentions, and preferences.

The Benefits

When you write a guest post for Spicetosauce.com, you will get the following outstanding opportunities and benefits in your career;

  • Exposure

Our blog posts reach huge visitors per month. This number is increasing day by day. If we select your guest article for publishing, your content will get vast exposure to our audience. So, start writing for us. 

  • Networking

Networking is the key step to success in any profession easily. A guest post of yours can connect with other food enthusiasts, food bloggers, or influencers. It can bring a chance to collaborate with them.

  • Portfolio Building

First, for applying to write a guest post, you need to build a portfolio. After writing a guest post, a writer can officially declare that he/she is a writer. Your portfolio will be enriched.

  • Promotion

With a guest post, writers can promote their recipes, kitchen gadgets, own websites, or social media. It will assist the writer in driving great traffic to their website

  • Improve Writing

Writing guest posts will improve your writing skills. You will gather experiences in the writing field that will help you in your future career.

NOTE: We will not pay for your articles. But, you may get opportunities that you can’t afford to get. Your article will reach your target audience from a guest post where you can promote your site.

Submission Guidelines

 You have to follow our guidelines, then we will select your articles for publishing. Before writing, be clear about the following guidelines;

  1. The quality of your articles should meet our standards.
  2. A 1000+ word count article is preferable for a guest post article.
  3. Your article should give value to our audiences.
  4. Only one self-serving link is allowed. Either you can mention your site or social media platform.
  5. You should link relevant posts from Spicetosauce.com that can add value to the content.
  6. You can add a maximum of 2 links in a 1000-word article.
  7. We encourage using relevant images or videos. The resolution of the image should be under 580 pixels. It is recommended to send the photos or videos as a separate attachment file.
  8. Never mention any irrelevant links, images, videos, or information.
  9. Once we publish your article, on our site, you can not publish it anywhere, not even on your blog.
  10. Never violate any copyright. If required give credit to the authors.
  11.  Always submit your article on time.

Considerations These When You Write for Us

Before applying you should read the following considerations;

  • Know Us Better

We request you to know about us properly before writing to us. You can follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. It will increase your chance of getting selected.

  • We Don’t Interest to Work with SEO Agencies

Our guest post is open for professional chefs, food bloggers, and readers. We want to know about the real-life experiences of our readers. We are not interested in working with SEO experts because they have no real experience.

  • If You Have Low Patience Avoid this Chance

We get more than 50 submissions per month. We select articles after checking them very carefully. Hence, we need time. You should not email us asking about the publication of your article. If we choose your article, you will give you notice immediately. Feel free to submit your guest post via email to: spicetosauce@gmail.com

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